Emiola Banwo

About Me

I'm EMIOLA (pronounced: ehm-ee-olah). Thanks for visiting my personal website!

My passion

I want to change the world by creating products that increase our productivity and telling stories that inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves. I believe we all have the potential to tell legendary stories, so i'm on a mission to help us all reach higher levels of achievement within our limited lifespans.

I'm a Product Designer, Product Manager, and part-time storyteller! I have a background in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science, and I look to thrive at the intersection of the technology, business, and design that goes into building innovative products.


Philosophies i live by

Pushing my comfort zone past the horizon: I rarely shy away from a challenge or obstacle.
Living a balanced life: I strive for professional, social, physical, financial and mental excellence.
Keeping my 'assumption zone' flexible: I work to not hold any of my perceptions sacred.
Transparency: I'm an open book, just ask!

I expanded more on my passion in my blog. I love passionate people, if that's you, tell me your story!


My Interests 

Moonshot Technology.   Empathetic Design.   Innovative Business Models
The Scientific Method.   Humanism.   Self-Actualization.   Ubiquitous Computing.   Futurism.   Global Citizenship.  Film.  Stand-Up Comedy.   Contact Sports.   Fashion.   Fitness.   Food.   VideoGames

If we share common interests, I would love to meet you. Get in touch! 

My Background

My immediate family is relatively small. I have an architect father, nurse mother, and a younger brother. On the other hand, my extended family is huge and spans the globe from Dubai to the UK. 

I've moved around a lot! I was born in Nigeria, then spent my early years between Botswana and South Africa. We later found ourselves back in Nigeria where survived some intense situations including disease and homelessness.

I expanded on my background in my Blog. If you'd like to hear more of my story lets have coffee!